Meeting Amy

August 1st, 2007 · Crochetville

Amy and I have been running Crochetville [est. 2004] together for well over a year and she has been fantastic to work with. We talk nearly every day on the phone: we discuss and decide and plan.

But we hadn’t met in person until a few weeks ago. Amy was on a summer vacation with her family in Emerald Isle, a short drive away from my town.

So we arranged to meet downtown at my LYS, Weaver’s Webb

…and we petted the yarn and shopped…
LYS - Shopping

…and, of course, had our picture taken!
LYS - us

Amy’s wearing a top she crocheted, the Bell Sleeved Pullover by Doris Chan from the Crochet Collection 2006 booklet published by Tahki Stacy Charles. Made from Tahki Cotton Classic in the color (Amy thinks) blue slate #3818. And she crocheted her purse, too, a blue Fat Bottom Bag. Me, I’m in my “uniform,” a V-neck T-shirt!

We intended to hit the bead shop after that, but instead decided we’d better head out to pick up my son from the babysitter and some lunch from BearTown. For my little guy’s sake (he fell asleep in the car) we ordered carryout and ate at my place.

We wanted a really good photo of us together, so we did our own little photo shoot in my backyard. With the two of us, a tripod, and an eager toddler, it wasn’t easy but just laughed our way through it!

us - backyard

Our time together went by in a flash. I look forward to our next visit!


Happy Birthday Crochetville!

February 16th, 2007 · Uncategorized

Crochetville is three years old today. Happy Birthday!



Podcast: Crochet Unraveled

January 20th, 2007 · Uncategorized

Amy, my co-administrator and collaborator in all things Crochetville, has started a podcast for Crochetville. It’s called Crochet Unraveled: News and Views from Crochetville, named by Ada (jadyn05), one of our Crochetville members, with the tagline added by yours truly.

Crochet Unraveled will feature news from the crochet world at large and from Crochetville; book, magazine, and yarn reviews; designer and website profiles; and more. In the first episode, you’ll hear Amy and one of our members, KnicKnac; and in upcoming episodes my own voice will be heard. We’re also looking forward to the participation of more Crocheville members in the podcast!

You can take a listen to Episode 1 (.mp3 download, 22.5 MB), check out the show notes, or subscribe to our podcast RSS feed. Crochet Unraveled should be available in the iTunes directory soon.

In other Crochetville news, the forum hit the 10,000 member mark this month! I am truly amazed at the continued growth of Crochetville. This past summer, it became necessary to move Crochetville to a dedicated server because we had outgrown shared hosting. Amy and I converse via phone almost daily to discuss administrative issues and how we can make Crochetville the best place it can possibly be—a comfortable place to come and talk crochet and a resource with a wealth of information to new and experienced crocheters alike.

Amy and I have more exciting plans for Crochetville, which should unfurl over the next few to several months. So please stay tuned!


Me on DIY: Uncommon Threads

October 6th, 2006 · TV

I know, I know, I shoulda said so sooner! But I’ve been so wrapped up in other things, I’ve been slack online. For those of you who caught (or taped) Uncommon Threads (DIY Network) today at 10:30 am Eastern, I was on with Kim and Cecily.

Our episode was titled It’s My Party, and we made a spiral bauble garland (Cecily), wine bottle cozy (me), and crocheted flower pins (Kim). In the final segment, we displayed (but did not demonstrate) crocheted wine glass charms (me) (pattern here!), crocheted boxes (Cecily), and crocheted sushi (Kim).

This was one of several episodes we (a group of designers from Crochet me) taped last July in LA. It was quite an experience and a lot of fun to meet everyone and be there together.

Wine bottle cozy pics below! I thought I had some photos of Kim’s flowers to share, but I have to retake them (yes, I have in my possession two of the flowers that were actually on the show… very cool!). Reds and oranges are so difficult to photograph well!

wine cozy

wine cozy detail

wine cozy detail


New Blog Theme, New Home Page

October 6th, 2006 · Uncategorized

Finally the eternal “Coming Soon” sign no longer graces my home page, my patterns and tutorials pages are back up, and my whole site has a brand spanking new theme. The impetus to finish was, as we like to say around the Tomato Ranch, a deadline with dire consequences. Well, maybe not dire, but still I didn’t want everybody out there in Teevee Land to see my messy mess of a site. I did the entire thing in a fit of inspiration (desperation?) starting at around 2 am this morning and finished in time to go to a friend’s house to watch the show at 10:30 am.

I love my new WordPress theme, which I’m using for my entire site. Once I made the decision to use WordPress to manage the rest of my site in addition to my blog, things went so much more quickly and smoothly! No more tedious picking at individual pages. I’ve got two separate installations of WordPress, one for my blog and one for the rest of my site. Now working with my site is a breeze… whee!

For the record, the old:
screenshot old oct 2006
And the new:
screenshot new oct 2006